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Showing C-Suite how budget decisions impact growth

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Showing C-Suite how budget decisions impact growth

Showing C-Suite how budget decisions impact growth

How ME Bank, Samsung and CUB marketers sharpened MROI to shift metrics

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Quantifying marketing return on investment, or MROI has long been hit and miss. But now marketers are using cloud-powered dynamic econometrics models to show CEOs and CFOs their marketing investments are driving business results – and to spell out the declines that would occur if they were to cut budgets. As the evolving privacy landscape makes it near impossible to track people using cookies, the ability to perform faster market mix modelling (MMM) is rapidly climbing the CEO agenda.

Samsung, Bank of Queensland Group and CUB are part of a rapidly growing list of brands who have deployed Mutiny’s WarChest. These brands are making more informed marketing investment decisions as a result – and shifting how they think about customer acquisition. Bank of Queensland’s Melody Townsend, Samsung’s Carl Bunn and CUB’s Megan Quinn unpack how MROI is moving the needle

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