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Smart data provisioning for market mix modeling

About Mutinex DataOS

DataOS is your all-in-one marketing data solution; a purpose built tool to enable marketers to create their own marketing data warehouse. Designed for marketers, the system streamlines the data uploading process, and automatically validates and organizes your marketing data, eliminating the need for manual spreadsheet manipulation. DataOS exists to translate your marketing data into meaningful decision data, so marketers can get back to making growth decisions instead of wrangling data.

Putting your data back in your hands

Managing marketing data the smarter way

Low effort, full control

Low effort, full control

DataOS enables non-technical marketers to drive MMM data procurement, through supply, validation and submission, with minimal effort. All you need to do is submit the raw extracts from your existing reporting systems, then DataOS will create an MMM warehouse for you.

Unlocking value in  your data

Unlocking value in your data

DataOS enforces opinionated structuring of data, ensuring that marketers can create an effective MMM data warehouse. A data pipeline picks up all data submitted by users, validating, transforming and structuring the data to enable ingestion by the GrowthOS model.

A toolbox to control your MMM results

A toolbox to control your MMM results

DataOS unlocks the management of data, so that marketers can accurately model their strategy and tactics. This involves surfacing of errors or gaps raised through validations, and structuring through our labelling feature, which makes organising 1000s of rows of data quick and easy.

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