Mutinex Platinum Partnership Program

The agency partner program that’s a win for your clients and your business

Work with Mutinex to drive growth

By joining the Mutinex Platinum Partnership Program, you get access to the platform,  training, support, and resources to commercially succeed with market mix modelling.

Access partner benefits

Benefits designed with partner success in mind

Third party independence

Third party independence

Mutinex Platinum Partners can confidently say to customers that their MROI is measured without conflict of interest.

GrowthOS MROI Certification

Partner personnel enjoy full GrowthOS MROI Certification. So you can be sure that customers are getting the most from marketing mix modeling with GrowthOS.

Industry MROI benchmarking

Industry MROI benchmarking

Mutinex platinum partners get priority access to industry-wide MROI benchmarks – so you can tell customers what good marketing analytics looks like.

Get the Platinum Partnership badge

The Mutinex Platinum Partnership is available by application only. Mutinex co-designs specific partnership inclusions for successful agencies, and with it comes Partnership Status accreditation – which represents deep expertise in MROI (marketing return of investment) and MMM (marketing mix modeling) via Mutinex GrowthOS. This serves as a signal to industry and clients of an agency’s commitment to independent measurement.

Mutinex Platinum Partner badge 2023
“Platform based MMM is the future of market mix modelling. It means your client and your team can access the same data at any time. The partnership program is designed to help agencies and their clients navigate this transition to data transparency and build trust between them.”
“Reducing the burden of data supply. The program has been specifically designed to streamline data management and supply processes to ensure it’s as efficient for agencies and as effective as possible for clients. “
“Commercial benefits. If a platform makes MMM more efficient, more frequent and more valid, who wins? Everyone. “

Mutinex Platinum Partners